TeladocTelemedicine Provider (

A leading innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and technology platform solutions empowering organizations to lower healthcare costs, provide revolutionary access and improve outcomes.   With years of experience delivering direct-to-employer and consumer telemedicine services that offer convenient 24/7 access to doctor consultations by phone, email and video.    Teladoc has joined with Aetna Resources for Living to provide these services through the CADR+ program (, for whom Providence Financial Group is the exclusive Reseller.Indianapolis

Aetna Resources for Living – Behavioral Health / Concierge Services
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As a leading provider of EAP (Employee Assistance Programs), Aetna Behavioral Health has developed Resources For Living (RFL), a suite of lifestyle  solutions for workplace and personal-life needs.    RFL services help individuals make positive, lasting changes in their lives…..and provide a host of convenient and helpful “concierge” services for everyday living!    The RFL suite, complementing the Telemedicine services of Consult A Doctor, are the “PLUS” part of the CADR+ program.

The Karis GroupPatient Advocacy  (

As a benefit included in the CADR+ program,  TKG is a leading national provider of Patient Advocacy / Bill Mediation services, negotiating settlement options of healthcare bills, typically at reductions of 60% or more.  In 2011 TKG saved individuals over $24 million dollars of out-of-pocket expense, while helping them shoulder the stressful and time consuming burden of working with healthcare providers and government agencies to resolve their medical bills.