Our strategy is simple:  to provide only the best …and put the Customer first.

PFG’s goal is to provide game-changing financial products and services for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations….completing v. competing with Agents/Brokers as a Reseller/Wholesaler.

We don’t want to be the biggest….only the best!

Our service menu includes:  

Healthcare / Telehealth – 24/7 access to doctors & wellness resources

PFG is committed to improving global healthcare and has partnered with leading Providers,  including Aetna and Consult A Doctor, using latest Telehealth technologies to deliver  maximum value at minimum cost (as little as $10/mo./family).

PFG is the exclusive Reseller of the CADR+ (Consult A Doctor PLUS) program,  which provides unlimited access to doctors, behavioral health professionals and a host of other services 24/7 by phone, email or online with a access to real time EMR (electronic medical records), and a pool of over 5,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors.

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Life Insurance – Planned Giving/Leveraged Philanthropy

We work with leading insurers to provide highest quality life insurance and other financial products and services to our Clients.  Our passion is helping non-profit / faith-based organizations raise funding via planned giving / leveraged philanthropy strategies.

1. Premium-Financed Life Insurance (PFLI) – Specifically for high capacity Donors (estates excess of $10 mil) looking for a wealth-transfer method to avoid estate shrinkage.  Large life policies are purchased with sizable amounts of cash value for future or short-term use.  This creates a significant positive impact for the Charity as the cash value grows.  The Charity has the option to use all or part of the cash value, or wait for the larger death benefit. This program can be a game changer for the Charity (and a legacy builder for the Donor)….often donating  as much as $10-25 mil to the organization (and/or heirs).

2. Charitable Lead Trust (“CLT”) – is a program that has broad appeal to most organizations and Donors because it allows a Donor to share their financial success with both their family and favorite Charity.  It provides an annual income stream to the Charity followed by a large payment to the Charity and heirs.  Depending on how the trust is established, the Donor can decide how to allocate the donation between the Charity and heirs.  The more directed to the Charity, the larger the tax deduction.  Through the use of life insurance a CLT plan enables the Donor to provide a leagacy for Charity and family.  We regularly conduct seminars and/or webinars to Donors for this funding option.

3. Single Premium Life –Same concept as “CLT”, but it is established without a “trust agreement” which eliminates the tax-deduction feature yet it can accomplish similar goals.  A Single Premium Life Plan gives the Donor access to the funds at anytime, which may be important in later years.  The Donor may still use the annual dividend feature as a gift to the Charity, which can be tax deducted annually.  The Charity along with the selected heirs may be designated as beneficiary.